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Which information will someone see in the shared analysis?
Which information will someone see in the shared analysis?
Updated over a week ago

There will be a difference between a member and a non-member of the Spiky platform. The people who don't have an account on the platform will share a bit of different information in the shared analysis. This mainly protects your unique data from anyone not in your company.

The shared analysis report includes the following:

  • Meeting video and rewatching option

  • The coaching part includes the talking and screen-sharing intervals per participant

  • Meeting summary with action items and total talking durations for each participant

  • Questions and next steps in the followups section

  • Transcript of the meeting

  • Interaction graph

  • Significant moments in the meeting

The shared analysis report does not include the following:

  • Feedback according to the meeting type

  • Personal and company keyword trackers

  • Coaching for improvement areas according to the feedback section

  • Deep dive section as vocal emotion, energy, and language emotion per participant

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