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Spiky for sales teams
Spiky for sales teams

Everything you need to know about using the Spiky platform as a part of sales team

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This guide is for sales teams. The Spiky platform can be used for multiple use cases. In this article, we will examine its benefits for sales teams.

As a part of the sales team, you can use the Spiky platform to:

  • Analyze your sales meetings

    • Understand what your potential customer wants

    • How do your potential customers react to the context

    • See the overall health of the current meeting

    • Boil down the 50-minute meeting to 5 paragraph summary

    • Rewatch the meeting with highlights

  • Get personalized coaching and feedback

    • Get a baseline for question ratio, talking speed, average patience, talk ratio, language positivity, and voice emotion

    • Sales meeting types feedback

  • Track your personal attention, emotion, and interaction with historical data

  • Follow yourself and your team

    • Leaderboard

    • Average meeting duration, Spiky score, number of meetings, level of control, and perceived status

  • Connect your CRM and save time with an auto-filling option

    • Send meeting summaries

    • Connect your deals to the meetings

    • Stage correlations

  • Company, stage, and tag filtering and tracking

And many more...

Want to learn how to do all this?

Book a meeting with one of our sales representatives, and they will explain to you the benefits and abilities of the Spiky platform.

Or start using the platform today and see everything yourself in real time!

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