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Spiky for Customer Support Teams
Spiky for Customer Support Teams

Everything you need to know about using Spiky as a part of customer support team

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Spiky offers multiple use cases, and in this guide, we will explore its benefits for customer support teams.

As a part of the customer support team, you can use Spiky to:

  • Analyze your customer meetings and calls

    • Understand what customer's pain points and requests

    • How do your customers reach the context

    • See the overall health of the current meeting

    • Boil down the 50-minute meeting to 5 paragraph summary

    • Rewatch the meeting with highlights

  • Get personalized coaching and feedback

    • Get a baseline for question ratio, talking speed, average patience, talk ratio, language positivity, and voice emotion

    • Customer meeting types feedback

    • Learn from previous solutions of your colleagues

  • Track your attention, emotion, and interaction data

  • Follow yourself and your team

    • Average meeting duration, Spiky score, number of meetings, moments from meetings

  • Company, deal, and tag filtering and tracking

And many more...

Want to learn how to do all this?

You can book a meeting with one of our sales representatives, and they will explain to you the benefits and abilities of Spiky.

Or start using Spiky today and see everything yourself in real time!

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