Account types explained
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There are two main accounts on the Spiky platform:

  • Admin

  • Regular User

These accounts are for you to track your company status and enable/disable to see some insights and change the settings related to your company's account.

Admin Account

Admin accounts are used to

  • Adjust the company profile settings

  • Manage the team

  • Track the people in your company profile

As an admin in the Spiky platform, you will have a different homepage, meetings page, and settings page.

  • On your homepage, you can see everyone in your company with insights from their meetings and actions.

  • On the meetings page, you will see everyone's meetings and their analysis, even if you are not a participant in that meeting.

  • On the settings page, you can change the company's settings and see/edit the account types of the people in your company.

You can edit your account type and others if you have an admin account. Please check out this article for more detailed information.

In addition to the team dashboards, administrators can also view their dashboards from the homepage. You can toggle between team and personal views by clicking the toggle button at the top right of your homepage.

Regular User

Regular user accounts are made for personal usage. You cannot access other people's data (meetings, analysis, settings) besides yourself.

Regular users will have a different homepage, meetings page, and settings page than an admin account.

  • On your homepage, you will see your insights, your last meeting with insights, and all meetings and deals that are connected to you.

  • On the meetings page, you will see only the meetings and their analysis where you are one of the participants.

  • On the settings page, you are only able to change the personal account settings and see your user type.

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