Who is Spiky for?

Who will use Spiky platform and what kind of benefits will they gain?

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Spiky is designed to cater to various users and organizations across different industries.

Sales Teams

Leverage customer and representative insights and feedback from sales calls to prioritize the needs and reactions of potential customers to increase sales performance. Gather pipeline insights with integrations and save the sales reps time with CRM auto-filling.

Customer Success Teams

Review short notes, moments, and insights from prior meetings and pipeline in the current customer. Explore their previous needs and understand their requirements and expectations before your call.

Customer Support Teams

Review insights and questions from previous meetings to better understand customer needs. Give them more effective and personalized support by analyzing and tracking their reactions and trends throughout the meetings.

Product Teams

Access meeting summaries and questions in the lead and customer meetings to explore the desired product features for the roadmap. Review the moments and action items and correlate the features with personalized deep-dive emotional analysis.

Managers and Leaders

Convey leaders' daily analytics to sustain their teams to be more productive and satisfied. Make leaders and managers better coaches with actionable insights and remove the burden of mundane form-filling and meeting reviews.

Business Professionals

Professionals from various fields can gain insights from specific meeting types, such as board, investor, onboarding, interview, mentorship meetings, etc. Gain meeting-type-aware feedback and deep insights for respective roles.

Organizations with Complex Deals

Access to leading indicators of an executive's overall company experience, wellness, and productivity. Gain the power of a daily engagement pulse into the company and transform meeting data into an emotional corporate memory.

Is Spiky for you?

If you have questions you'd like answered, book a call with one of our customer representatives to learn more detailed information about Spiky and evaluate if Spiky is right for your business.

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