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How to connect/disconnect the tools?
How to connect/disconnect the tools?
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Spiky helps you to integrate your daily tools to change your sales game. Integrate your tech stack with the Spiky platform for full visibility of your deals and meetings. Seamlessly adapt your team's tools daily within seconds, requiring zero maintenance.

Navigate to Settings > Integrations. You will see the potential integration categories:

  • Calendar

  • CRM

  • Cloud recordings

  1. Go to the category of the tool that you would like to connect.

  2. Click on the Connect button. After pressing the button, you will be redirected to the login screen. Once you have logged in, your integration will be completed.

Connecting calendar through meetings page

You can also connect your calendar through the meetings page.

Navigate to the Meetings page.

  1. Click on the Invite Scribe button.

  2. Select your desired calendar to connect and click on the Connect button next to it.

  3. It will direct you to their sign-up and acknowledge page. After you complete those steps, it is all done.

How to disconnect?

  1. Go to the category of the tool that you would like to disconnect.

  2. Click on the Disconnect button.

What happens if I disconnect a tool?

Once you disconnect your tools, your current insights won't disappear from your account. It will affect your upcoming analysis.

  • If you disconnect your calendar, Scribe won't automatically join and analyze your meetings. You must invite it manually, select from your cloud recordings, or upload your meeting manually.

  • If you disconnect your CRM, you can no longer sync the meeting insights with your deals or get your deals and tags.

  • If you disconnect your video conferencing tool, you cannot select your previous cloud recordings to analyze.

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