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How does Spiky work?
How does Spiky work?

Understand how Spiky work and what you should do to analyze your meetings.

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Transform your boring online meetings into an enhanced sales pipeline. Please visit our product page for more detailed information.

1. Connect your calendar

Spiky start with a calendar integration with simple clicks. Once connected, Spiky algorithms scan your calendar for upcoming meetings and call to record and analyze.

2. Record

The Spiky Scribe will automatically join each scheduled meeting as a virtual meeting attendee to record and analyze the session. The Scribe will record audio and video of the participants with screen shares, presentations, demos, etc.

3. Analyze

Each meeting will be transcribed from speech to text to generate language and context-based analytics. Spiky's intelligent AI algorithms work behind the scene to give you the correlations. Utilize four data verticals: non-verbal, vocal, language, and context.

What if I already have recorded meetings?

Whether you have a meeting recording in your local files or video conferencing tool cloud, you can still analyze your meetings in the Spiky platform.

All you need to do is connect your video conferencing tool to the Spiky platform or manually upload your meeting. For more information, please visit Meetings articles.

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