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Can I get notifications through Slack?
Can I get notifications through Slack?
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So many people are using Slack as their daily communication tool. That's why we create an integration with Slack to remind you of the analysis with compact information. After your analysis is done, Slackbot will send you an automatic message to your desired channel. It includes:

  • Meeting name

  • Meeting time

  • Spiky score of the meeting

  • Meeting report URL

  • Owners

  • Tags

  • Summary of the meeting

How to enable it?

Navigate to Settings > Configurations, then Notifications. The steps are explained below the Slack Notifications title.

  1. Go to your Slack App.

  2. From Settings & Administration (top left corner), click Manage Apps. Make sure to select the right workspace to change the settings.

  3. Click Custom Integrations on the left menu and go to Incoming WebHooks.

  4. Click the Add to Slack button.

  5. Select an existing channel or create a new channel and continue.

  6. Click the Add Incoming Webhooks Integration button.

  7. Copy WebHook URL, scroll down and click Save Settings.

  8. Paste the Webhook URL in the settings page under the Slack notification title and click Save changes.

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