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Spiky for product teams
Spiky for product teams

Everything you need to know about using the Spiky platform as a part of product team

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This guide is for product teams. The Spiky platform can be used for multiple use cases. In this article, we will examine its benefits for product teams.

As a part of the product team, you can use the Spiky platform to:

  • Analyze your sales and customer support meetings and generate insights from them without joining every single of them

    • Understand what your potential and current customers want

    • Generate a roadmap according to those desires

    • Read summaries of the meetings instead of joining every single of them

    • Understand action items

  • Connect your CRM and save time with an auto-filling option

    • Send meeting summaries

    • Connect the deals to the meetings

    • Stage correlations

  • Follow yourself and your team

    • Leaderboard

    • Average meeting duration, Spiky score, number of meetings, level of control, and perceived status

And many more...

Want to learn how to do all this?

Book a meeting with one of our sales representatives, and they will explain to you the benefits and abilities of the Spiky platform.

Or start using the platform today and see everything yourself in real time!

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