What is Spiky?

What is Spiky as a sales analytics tool, how it works, what it can do for your business and what makes it different to other solutions?

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Spiky is an innovative platform that provides advanced meeting intelligence solutions. It leverages AI models to analyze sales and customer calls, onboarding sessions, and coaching sessions to enhance sales performance and fuel revenue growth.

Spiky is made for forward-thinking companies with remote or hybrid revenue teams. It simplifies the process of gathering intelligent insights from meetings by analyzing sales calls, training, and coaching sessions. Spiky helps sales, customer success, and product teams explore customer needs and reactions and improve productivity.

What can I do with Spiky?

  • Pipeline insights for customer-facing people! Leverage customer insights to prioritize customer needs and reactions to increase sales performance.

  • Faster training! Utilize insights and lead your sales team to maximum potential with asynchronous sales team training.

  • Intelligent coaching for teams! Experience continuous coaching by understanding the customers and their reactions.

  • Create continuity between your teams and deals! Complex deals require complete coverage of meetings. Find who were champions and critics in past meetings.

  • Build fully in-sync customer teams! Review short notes, moments, and insights to understand prior meetings. Sales, customer success, and customer support teams can now truly be in-sync throughout the whole lifetime of the customer.

What are the key features of Spiky?

  • Summarization! Boil a 50-minute call down to 5 paragraphs.

  • Automated Feedback! Generate automated context-aware sales feedback for each stage of your pipeline.

  • CRM Sync! Pull deal-flow data into Spiky and push Spiky data into your CRMs easily.

  • Gather recurring todos and questions! Have a singular view of what keeps coming up during meetings. Prioritize accordingly.

  • Understand which moments are important! Utilize AI-based intelligence to focus on key points in meetings. Reduce a 55-minute meeting to 5 minutes to review with summarization and emotion highlighting.

  • Macro-level communication insights! Replicate your best performers and correlate success with communication intelligence and correlation.

Who uses Spiky?

Organizations that want accurate and detailed sales analytics for their revenue teams. Whether you are a sales team, sales manager or leader, customer success team, or customer support team, Spiky will help you to understand the nature of sales.

Is Spiky for you?

If you have questions you'd like answered, book a call with one of our customer representatives to learn more detailed information about Spiky and evaluate if Spiky is right for your business.

What sets Spiky apart?

Unlike focusing on manual text analytics, Spiky combines everything you need to understand and communicate with your customers in one easy-to-use platform.

  • Video-focused instead of text for the meetings.

  • Meeting summary with personalized action items

  • Next step creation from the meetings

  • CRM auto-filling to save time

  • Interaction score throughout the meeting

  • Personal coaching with meeting-aware feedback

  • Automated feedback creation for different meeting types

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