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What is Spiky?

What is Spiky as a sales analytics tool, how it works, what it can do for your business and what makes it different to other solutions?

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Spiky is an advanced meeting intelligence platform for forward-thinking companies with remote or hybrid revenue teams. Leveraging AI, Spiky analyzes various meetings—such as sales and customer calls, onboarding, and coaching sessions—to deliver feedback that enhances communication, tracks action items, improves sales performance, and drives revenue growth. By supporting sales, customer success, and product teams, Spiky helps explore customer needs and reactions while boosting productivity.

What can I do with Spiky?

  • Advanced Client Insights & Coaching

    Spiky provides communication metrics such as vocal patterns, language usage, and visual indicators to understand customer needs and reactions better. It offers targeted coaching to enhance these metrics, improving communication skills, helping teams strengthen customer relationships, achieve better outcomes, and foster greater customer loyalty.

  • Get on Track

    Review concise notes, key moments, and team insights from past meetings to gain a comprehensive overview. Analyze both achieved and missed milestones to grasp meeting progress and participant engagement.

  • Stay Professional

    Spiky outlines essential steps and strategies for effectively navigating meetings, enhancing sales performance and ensuring a standardized approach.

  • Faster training

    Utilize insights and lead your sales team to maximum potential with asynchronous sales team training.

What are the key features of Spiky?

  • Transcript & Summary

    Boil a 50-minute call down to 5 paragraphs, while capturing every detail.

  • 360 Feedback & Coaching

    Centralized automated context-aware sales feedback generated for each stage of your pipeline. Review personal and team statuses, get automated meeting reports, evaluate conversational effectiveness, and gather action items.

  • CRM Auto Sync

    Pull deal-flow data into Spiky and push Spiky data into your CRMs easily.

  • Moments

    Focus on key points in meetings to review to identify critical sections and explore emotional highlights.

What sets Spiky apart?

Unlike focusing on manual text analytics, Spiky combines everything you need to understand and communicate with your customers in one easy-to-use platform.

  • Video-focused instead of text for the meetings.

  • Meeting summary with personalized action items

  • Next step creation from the meetings

  • CRM auto-filling to save time

  • Interaction score throughout the meeting

  • Personal coaching with meeting-aware feedback

  • Automated feedback creation for different meeting types

Who is Spiky for?

Spiky serves various organizations and teams, focusing on enhancing communication during meetings by providing insights, summaries, and actionable items for streamlined efficiency. Here is a list of some types of teams who have been using Spiky so far:

  • Sales Teams

  • Customer Success Teams

  • Customer Support Teams

  • Product Teams

  • Managers and Leaders

  • Business Professionals

  • Investors and more!

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