Spiky for mentoring

Everything you need to know about using the Spiky platform as a part of mentoring

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This guide is for mentoring. The Spiky platform can be used for multiple use cases. In this article, we will examine its benefits for mentoring.

For mentoring purposes, you can use the Spiky platform to:

  • Analyze your online meetings and gain insights from your previous experiences

    • Areas you should improve for each meeting type

    • Areas you are great at

    • Get tips on how to improve that area

    • Rewatch your meetings with highlights

    • See the overall health of the meeting

  • Improve yourself and your career with Spiky Academy

    • Watch videos and read blogs from the Spiky team

    • Generate snippets from successful meetings

    • Create an information store for your company

  • Get meeting-type personalized coaching and feedback

    • Get a baseline for question ratio, talking speed, average patience, talk ratio, language positivity, and voice emotion

  • Follow yourself and your team

    • Leaderboard

    • Average meeting duration, Spiky score, number of meetings, level of control, and perceived status

Find your improvement areas from your previous experiences, Spiky Academy, and others' successes.

And many more...

Want to learn how to do all this?

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