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What can you achieve with Spiky Platform?
What can you achieve with Spiky Platform?

Learn what Spiky is about and how you can get value from using it.

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Spiky is a platform that allows you to analyze your sales calls, onboarding, and coaching sessions to fuel sales excellence and revenue growth with enhanced AI models.

Why does sales analytics matter with Spiky?

Sales analytics are created primarily using sales statistics. Recently, companies like Spiky have begun to build far more deep insights using advanced algorithms. Using these algorithms, sales teams have started leveraging advanced behavioural or conversational analytics built on technologies such as AI.

When a company starts to interact with a customer - in a sales or support call - their journey begins at that moment. Those first experiences with you and your company are essential to future potential customers' decisions. And you can get it right with the Spiky platform by understanding the non-verbal, vocal, and language cues even during your online meetings.

Why should you choose Spiky?

Here are just a few benefits you'll get from the Spiky platform:

  • Pipeline insights for customer-facing people! Leverage customer insights to prioritize customer needs and reactions to increase sales performance.

  • Faster training! Utilize insights and lead your sales team to maximum potential with asynchronous sales team training.

  • Intelligent coaching for teams! Experience continuous coaching by understanding the customers and their reactions.

  • Create continuity between your teams and deals! Complex deals require complete coverage of meetings. Find who were champions and critics in past meetings.

  • Build fully in-sync customer teams! Review short notes, moments, and insights to understand prior meetings. Sales, customer success, and customer support teams can now indeed be in-sync throughout the whole lifetime of the customer.

  • And much more!

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