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Owners of the meetings
Owners of the meetings
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There are owners of the meetings on the Spiky platform. They are the participants of that meeting who have an account on the platform.

These owners will be assigned automatically if you connect your calendar and the meeting analysis comes from that connection. But even if you upload the meeting manually or automatically, you can add/delete the owner from the meeting.

Besides the assigned owner, the analysis was made for every participant in the platform, whether they have an account or not. This assignment will affect the number of the person on the platform. For example, it will change the total number of meetings, average time, etc.

Editing owners

You can always add or delete an owner from the meeting.

To add an owner, you need to click on the New Owner button and select from the dropdown menu to show everyone on the platform.

For deleting an owner, you need to click on the X button next to the person's name you want to delete.


Next to the Owner column in the meetings table, you can filter the owners. That option will show you every people in the platform where you can select multiple. After your selection, click on the OK button to save your filter. To reset, click on the Reset button.

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