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Library Page Explained
Library Page Explained
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At Spiky, we believe in learning from our peers and their successes. That’s why we created the Library page. This page allows you to learn from each other’s successes and build a shared knowledge base within your company. You can save important snippets and video collections and access blog posts from Spiky's blog to share with others.

What Will You See?

On the Library page, you will find collections from both yourself and your company, including:

Snippets: Key excerpts from your meetings.

Video Collections: Curated videos from your meetings.

Blog Posts: Articles and insights from Spiky's blog.

You have the option to create collections that are:

Public: Visible to everyone in the company.

Private: Visible only to you and the admins.

Features and Actions

You can perform the following actions on the snippets and videos in the collections:

View: Access and review the snippets.

Edit: Modify the snippets as needed.

Delete: Remove the snippets from the collections.

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