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Suggestions for Recordings
Suggestions for Recordings
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It’s helpful to follow a few best practices to improve the accuracy of AI analysis in your online meetings. The AI system automatically analyzes your meetings, so ensuring high-quality recordings is important. The good news is these preparations are simple and easy to implement:

  • Use Gallery View: Record your meetings in the gallery view of your video conferencing tool. This ensures all participants are visible and helps the AI analyze interactions more accurately.

  • Keep Cameras On: Encourage all participants to keep their cameras on. Visual cues and expressions significantly improve the accuracy of the AI analysis.

  • Choose a Quiet Location: Find the quietest possible place to conduct your meeting. Reducing background noise enhances sound quality and allows the AI to understand the conversation better.

  • Maintain Eye Contact with the Screen: Look directly at your screen during the meeting. This helps the AI capture your reactions and engagement more effectively.

By following these best practices, you can ensure that your online meetings are optimized for accurate AI analysis, leading to more insightful and reliable results.

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