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What problems does Spiky address?
What problems does Spiky address?

Find the solutions to your problems with Spiky.

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Spiky is here for your sales and customer support pipeline and helps you perfect it.

  • Closing deals in the virtual world is tough

  • Reading the room and picking up on the cues during online calls and meetings

  • Hard to remember all the details about questions, attitudes, feelings, and todos about each customer

  • Unscalable, inefficient, and generalized coaching

  • Slow and inconsistent onboarding

  • Too much manual labour for CRM tools

  • Not knowing the blockage points in the meetings

  • Lack of sales training adoption

  • Most deals are failing due to being blind to customers' reactions

  • Poor sales support within the team

  • Inconsistency between the sales reps handling their meetings

  • Too many meetings with a small amount of time

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