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What is perceived status?
What is perceived status?
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Everyone on the Spiky platform has their perceived status score. This score is scored out of 100; the higher, the better.

The perceived status score represents how you execute the interaction during a meeting and drives the level of perceived status.

The perceived status in the people page and table shows your average score from all of your meetings.

How do you improve your perceived status?

First and foremost, active participation is key. Engage actively in meetings by listening attentively to others, asking relevant questions, and contributing thoughtful ideas or solutions. This demonstrates your commitment and interest in the discussion.

Maintaining a positive and constructive tone during discussions is crucial. Avoid overly critical or confrontational language, as this can affect how others perceive your status within the group. Show empathy towards your colleagues and demonstrate a willingness to collaborate. Being a team player and supporting your peers can boost your perceived status.

Additionally, coming prepared for meetings with a clear understanding of the agenda and relevant information is essential. Being well-prepared allows you to make valuable contributions and demonstrates your dedication. You should also exhibit leadership qualities when appropriate. Taking initiative, providing direction, and facilitating discussions can elevate your perceived status as a leader within the group.

Practice active listening by acknowledging others' points of view and showing appreciation for their contributions. This fosters a positive and inclusive atmosphere. Consistently display these positive behaviors in various meetings over time. Building a reputation for reliability and professionalism can positively impact your perceived status.

Soliciting feedback from colleagues or peers to gain insights into areas where you can improve is a proactive approach. Constructive feedback can help you refine your approach. Lastly, regularly reflect on your interactions and consider how others may perceive your actions and words. Self-awareness is a key factor in improving your perceived status.

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